Shooting Cinematic iPhone Footage

Is it really possible to shoot truly cinematic iPhone footage? I was skeptical, until I tried. The results blew me away.

Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K EF First Impressions

If you’ve pre-ordered your Blackmagic URSA Mini, your patience has probably worn thin, and you’re hungry for any news on Blackmagic’s latest elusive camera. Well, since IBC a few cameras have surfaced here and there but real-world information takes some searching. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on […]

Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K | An Alexa for the Masses?

Blackmagic raises the bar with the new 4.6K sensor.

Gallipoli Blackmagic URSA Opening Sequence

I finally tracked down the Gallipoli Blackmagic URSA opening sequence. Shot on Blackmagic URSA EF, the effect is all achieved in-camera. Director Glendyn Ivin explains – “The opening sequence has to set the viewer up emotionally, and I came up with a simple, but beautiful idea. We filled a fish […]

Gallipoli Uses Blackmagic URSA and Production Camera 4K

Keep an eye out for what looks to be a fantastic upcoming Australian mini-series “Gallipoli”. According to a Blackmagic Design press release on Monday URSA and Production Camera 4K were involved, along with DP John Brawley for VFX plates shot in Turkey. Congrats John! “Blackmagic Design today announced the new television […]

Size Does Matter | The Arri Alexa Mini

With NAB 2015 still a month and a half away we’ve had two major announcements in a week from the top two players in digital cinema acquisition. Only a few days ago Red Digital Cinema’s Jarred Land announced initial details of the upcoming upgrade program for Dragon owners to a […]