Panasonic GH5, HDR, and the Future of Consumer Video

The Panasonic GH5 is the first mirrorless photo camera to record 4K video at 10-bit color depth with 4:2:2 chroma sampling internally.

nvidia quadro vs geforce gtx

The Best GPU for DaVinci Resolve | Nvidia Quadro vs GeForce GTX

In the battle of Nvidia Quadro vs GeForce GTX for DaVinci Resolve which GPU should win your hard earned cash?

Origin of the Species | Evolution of the Digital Cinema Camera

The large sensor digital cinema camera that we know and love today has followed an interesting history of evolution and convergence.

The Battle That Never Was | The Separation of Film and Digital

For over a decade a fiery film vs digital debate raged among both creative and technical professionals in the motion picture industry. In recent years this fire has all but reduced to cooling embers, barely glowing as the debate itself has ceased to command any real meaning.

Computational Photography for Cinema | When Lenses Become Plugins

What is computational photography? I want you to put aside everything you know about the form and function of the camera. Whether digital or film they are essentially no different in operation to those at the birth of photography. The Camera Obscura which is defined on Wikipedia as: A camera obscura […]

Virtual Reality & Beyond | Matt Workman Reimagines Everything

I want to send you down a rabbit hole of virtual reality that will challenge everything you think you know about “filmed” entertainment. Prepare to redefine your understanding of how images and experiences are created and how “story” is delivered. This is your last chance. After this, there is no […]