The Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter is the original smartphone anamorphic lens. It’s still one of the best, both optically and for its vintage vibe.


The Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter gets a five star rating.

Models in Use: Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter (37mm Mount)
Compatible iPhones: Universal
Years In Use: Since Feb 2018
Damage, Defects or Issues: None

The Moondog Labs anamorphic adapter was my first high quality lens, and instantly became my favorite. In fact, I didn’t use any other smartphone lenses at all until January 2020 when I began to explore the range of Beastgrip lenses.

It’s still the only 1.33X anamorphic in my kit and as such, is my go to lens for anamorphic 2.39:1 aspect ratio video shoots.

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