The Relio² LED light is a micro sized, ultra portable daylight LED light source with a high power output and precision color accuracy.

The Relio² gets a five star rating.

Models in Use: Relio² 4000K
Years In Use: 2
Damage, Defects or Issues: None

Lighting is one of the biggest challenges for smartphone videography. Smartphone shooters tend to stay lightweight and free from carrying a lot of unnecessary gear. Lighting equipment tends to be the exact opposite of lightweight and portable, even the smaller common video LED lights require stands, heavy duty batteries, or worse, being tied to mains power.

The Relio² is a tiny lightweight USB powered highly color accurate LED light source with interchangeable optics and smartphone app control. It outputs 39731 lux @ 0.25m at 100% intensity, which is 9932 lux @ 0.5m and a very useable 2483 lux @ 1m distance.

The beam can be shaped using various accessories you can either buy or 3D print yourself, such as barn doors, anti-glare honeycomb, polarizer, diffuser, gel holder, and more.

I use the Relio² to add some artificial sunlight to small areas, and for close up and macro shots. It’s a versatile compact light source that can be powered by a USB powerbank and packed in even the smallest of gear bags.

How to Buy the Relio² Light

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