This FiLMiC Pro v5 tutorial shows you how to turn your smartphone into a pro video powerhouse. Learn its limits, shoot within them, create amazing images.

Here’s an in-depth step by step expert tutorial and guide to shooting professional cinematic video with your smartphone using FiLMiC Pro.

Ever since I shot my first test with FiLMiC Pro on my iPhone SE, it’s become one of my favorite cameras. It’s a lot of fun to shoot and as long as you acknowledge the limits of a tiny sensor, a fixed lens and an H.264 4:2:0 codec, you’ll be surprised the results you can achieve by approaching it the same way you would a high-end cinema camera.

In this tutorial I cover everything you need to know.

Click on the links below to take you directly to the section of the video you’d like to watch.

FiLMic Pro Settings Menu
-- Resolution, Bitrate & Crop Source to Overlay
-- Frame Rate
-- Audio Settings
-- Hardware
Exposure and Dynamic Range
Auto Focus and Exposure
Calculating Shutter Speed
Using Neutral Density (ND & IRND) Filters
Locking Exposure and Focus
Setting Manual ISO and Shutter Speed
Manual Focus
Manual White Balance
Clip Library

For a more detailed written guide check out the article I wrote on Cinema5D -- 10 Tips To Shoot Cinematic Smartphone Video

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