FilmTips by @RichLackey – Top Tips for the Discerning Filmmaker

TopTips FilmTipsShort and sweet – 114 characters of wisdom for the discerning filmmaker. FilmTips by @richlackey on twitter.

Anyone who follows me on twitter will see my “Top Tips for Filmmakers” tweets. They have proven to be quite popular so I’ve compiled them all here.

I’ve learned a lot through a decade of film production experience, mostly by making mistakes, and watching others make them. These are the thoughts and themes that keep coming up as I see other filmmakers tripping over the same things.

I will update this page with new filmtips on a weekly basis but if you want to see them as they are posted, you’ll have to follow me on twitter.

I keep these short and to the point. I hope you enjoy them.

Filmmaking FilmTips

Cinematography FilmTips

Production FilmTips

Post Production FilmTips

Social Media FilmTips

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