Learn how to create cinematic travel videos, documentaries, shorts and feature films with your iPhone camera and a professional approach to post production.

I've split my articles and tutorials up into two sections. The first of these sections is concerned with capturing video that is suitable for color correction and grading in post production. The second section is all about how to emulate a big screen motion picture look with your iPhone video using professional color correction and color grading processes and techniques.

How you capture video with your iPhone directly influences what you can do with it in post production. Achieving a film like final result is only possible with a professional approach to color correction and grading.

There are no shortcuts, and throwing a orange and teal look LUT on your video isn't going to do it either.

Learn how to use a professional video camera app to take manual control over how your images are captured. Explore the fundamentals of composition and camera movement to make sure every shot you capture has a story to tell.

How to Use the Richard Lackey FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Nitrate

Learn how to use the Richard Lackey FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Nitrate to achieve an easy and beautiful film look on your iPhone videos.

iPhone Cinematography Composition Tips for Smartphone Filmmakers

Learn how to use different shots, angles and framing to make your iPhone cinematography stand out. Know the rules so you can use or break them.

How to Set iPhone Video Exposure with FiLMiC Pro and a Variable ND Filter

Learn how to adjust and lock perfect iPhone video exposure in FiLMiC Pro without upsetting tone mapping using the PolarPro Peter McKinnon Edition Variable ND Filters.

Shoot and Color Correct FiLMiC LogV2 with the X-Rite Colorchecker Passport Video

A color managed workflow ensures correct exposure and consistent color with FiLMiC Pro LogV2 by using the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video.

FiLMiC Pro Tutorial | How to Shoot Cinematic Video with Your iPhone

Learn how to shoot professional cinematic iPhone video with my FiLMiC Pro Tutorial. Tips for exposure, color, and manual control.