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The Death Of Celluloid… Yes And No

I’ve come across a great article on AWN of the worlds first Arri Alexa vs Red Mysterium X test, it also happens to present a convincing overall argument that 2010 is officially the year celluloid died. I find this interesting as this has been a economic and technical inevitability […]

3D Stereoscopy & Story – Hollywood’s Latest Crutch, Our Golden Opportunity

Wow, my last blog post attracted over 500 reads in one weekend, and a chain of comments. It seems anything with “Film vs Digital” in the title is still provocative… the war I believe is over, the debate is seems is as hot as ever. The main thing, is to […]

Film Vs Digital – The Debate (And War) Is Over

NOTE: This post was published on Jan 29, 2010 and is a snapshot of views and opinions at that time. I’ve purposely avoided the film vs digital topic for some time now. People are usually unashamedly subjective and biased. Any given conversation typically goes something like this. Did you know that […]

3D Stereoscopy – The Latest Gold Rush

I am embarrased to say I didn’t see it coming. The re-emergence of 3D stereoscopic motion pictures, made possible by major advancements in digital production, post-production and projection technologies totally caught me off guard. I knew it was happening, but I totally under-estimated the public response, and the commercial implications […]

Film Vs Digital – I’m Quite Happy On The Fence

NOTE: This post was published on Nov 5, 2009 and is a snapshot of views and opinions at that time. I’m quite comfortable on the fence when it comes to the film vs digital debate. I’ve been shooting 35mm, lots of 16mm, and I’m glad that there is choice. Even if […]

The Age Of Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema is finally coming of age. Thanks largely to the hard work, dedication and ingenuity of a few people and their companies. DALSA Rob Hummel and the forward thinking engineers at DALSA in the development of the worlds first 4K digital cinema camera, the DALSA Origin. The Origin was […]