Richard Lackey FREE FiLMiC Pro LOGv3 LUT for FilmConvert




Download Richard Lackey’s FREE FiLMiC Pro LOGv3 LUT for use with FilmConvert Nitrate. Achieve beautiful film emulation for iPhone video.

NOTE! This LUT is free to download and use, but it won’t give you a useful result without purchasing the FilmConvert Nitrate plugin for your NLE. You can get a 10% discount using my FilmConvert affiliate link. This discount stacks with any other discounts FilmConvert may be offering.

My LOGv3 tutorial video and guide are coming soon. In the meantime you can read the guide and watch the video tutorial for the LOGv2 version. The post production workflow is the same, only using the LOGv3 LUT instead of the LOGv2 LUT: How to Use the Richard Lackey FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Nitrate


  • PC or Mac which meets the minimum requirements to run DaVinci Resolve
  • DaVinci Resolve (Free) or DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • FilmConvert Nitrate OFX plugin for DaVinci Resolve (affiliate link – 10% discount)
  • FilmConvert Nitrate ARRI Alexa Camera Pack (free download for FilmConvert Nitrate)
  • Well shot, properly exposed (no highlight clipping), noise free (minimum ISO) FiLMiC Pro 10-bit LOGv3 source video files correctly white balanced, and recorded at maximum “FiLMiC Extreme” bit rate.


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