Dear aspiring filmmaker, here’s a tip to avoid being lost forever in an ocean of mediocrity.

Stop obsessing about camera specs, in fact, forget about the damn camera and learn to craft a story, learn to write, learn to direct, find your voice. Your camera is a tiny, forever changing spec of insignificance.

If you want to be a cinematographer, again, forget about the camera and learn to light, compose and frame, learn about the subtlety of the visual language, emotion, movement. Shoot stills everywhere you can, become an excellent photographer, practice with your iPhone if that’s all you’ve got, it will teach you a ton about balance and composition, light and shadow.

Download a good light meter app on your phone if you don’t have a proper light meter and play with it, understand contrast and lighting ratio.

The camera you have, no matter how high the dynamic range or ISO, will not make you a better filmmaker or cinematographer.

For the low-light obsessed, a real cinematographer doesn’t shoot at ISO 6400, they light everything carefully and intentionally, that’s the art. ISO 400 – 800 is plenty, you need to learn how to use and craft light, those skills are rare and getting rarer every day.

Your camera will not set you apart. Everybody has a good camera now and they cost less than ever before.

Possessing and mastering these rare and ever-diminishing skills are what will put you in the top because these skills are the secret behind the true art of visual storytelling.

Obsessing about camera specs is easy; blaming camera specs for not making up for poor or non-existent skills is easy. Actually learning those skills is difficult and time consuming, requiring patience and humility to learn from others.

Of course I love the cameras, don’t get me wrong, that’s what this blog is all about, and that’s how I make my living, but the camera you buy won’t make you a better storyteller or make up for a lack of lighting or cinematography fundamentals.

Okay that’s enough of that, there’s a new multi cam comparison shootout video on youtube I need to watch 🙂

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