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Cinematic iPhone Camera Tutorials

Capturing cinematic imagery with an iPhone requires more than simply pointing and tapping record. There are a host of technical and creative factors that make a video look cinematic, instead of a jittery, over sharpened, over saturated phone video.

If you want to learn how to take control of these technical and creative factors, and become an author of your images, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you will find my articles and tutorials related to capturing iPhone video that is good enough to take into post production for further color and finishing work.

These posts are all about using the best professional iPhone camera apps,  gear and accessories to capture professional quality video.

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iPhone Camera Tutorials

iPhone Cinematography Composition Tips for Smartphone Filmmakers

Learn how to use different shots, angles and framing to make your iPhone cinematography stand out. Know the rules so you can use or break ...
iPhone Camera Tutorials

How to Set iPhone Video Exposure with FiLMiC Pro and a Variable ND Filter

Learn how to adjust and lock perfect iPhone video exposure in FiLMiC Pro without upsetting tone mapping using the PolarPro Peter McKinnon Edition Variable ND ...
iPhone Camera Tutorials

Shoot and Color Correct FiLMiC LogV2 with the X-Rite Colorchecker Passport Video

A color managed workflow ensures correct exposure and consistent color with FiLMiC Pro LogV2 by using the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video.
iPhone Camera Tutorials

FiLMiC Pro Tutorial | How to Shoot Cinematic Video with Your iPhone

Learn how to shoot professional cinematic iPhone video with my FiLMiC Pro Tutorial. Tips for exposure, color, and manual control.