The Tarion Flip Pod is a super light, collapsible smartphone tripod. I took the Flip Pod with me to Corfu and found it to be the perfect companion.

A tripod is usually the last thing I want to drag around with me. Big, heavy, bulky, a pain to fly with, and a bigger pain to carry all day. It’s one thing I don’t miss about shooting with a larger camera.

My Joby Gorillapod is the closest thing to a tripod that I use regularly as it’s fast to set up and can actually be left attached to my iPhone rig while walking around. Out of sight, out of mind, it doesn’t get in the way and is flexible enough to attach to just about anything.

Of course there are times when I want a bit more elevation and my goto technique in these situations is just to shoot handheld. Lately I’ve started using my DJI Osmo Mobile 2 to keep static handheld shots stable. One scenario when shooting handheld is not an option is of course time lapses.

The Tarion Flip Pod set up for an early morning sunrise time lapse.
The Tarion Flip Pod takes just seconds to set up.

The Tarion Flip Pod

If you have never heard of the company Tarion, you’re not alone, neither had I until they contacted me about testing the new Tarion Flip Pod smartphone tripod. While I am thankful for these opportunities when companies reach out offering me gear to review, I don’t always accept. I don’t want to give negative reviews publicly, so something has to jump out as particularly innovative and useful.

The Flip Pod immediately grabbed my attention as an innovative solution to a problem I couldn’t solve. It’s also something I haven’t seen before.

If you’ve ever put up a tent, you’ll immediately understand how the Tarion Flip Pod smartphone tripod works. The legs snap together quickly, all by themselves thanks to a elasticated cord through the sections of each leg. Simple, elegant, clever, super lightweight and compact. Everything a full size photo or video tripod isn’t.

Does the Tarion Flip Pod work?

I had a few initial doubts about stability, but once I had the Flip Pod set up for my first time lapse at Kassiopi harbour, these doubts were mostly gone. As long as there is no wind, the Flip Pod is stable enough to fulfil its function. When it’s windy I usually won’t shoot time lapse in any case as I pick up movement even using the more rigid Gorillapod.

The Tarion Flip Pod has a ball head, and comes in a handy protective pouch along with the universal adjustable clamp. It is such a simple solution there’s not too much else I can say about it. Its simplicity is what makes it a winner in my opinion. It’s now a permanent part of my kit, and that should say enough.

For more information about the Tarion Flip Pod check out the Tarion webpage.

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  1. Hi Richard…thanks for taking the time to create this site and share. really love it. I had a question regarding video on the iPhone; any recommendations for video tripods? or specifically a video head for the iPhone (for smooth pan, tilt, etc)?

    • Richard Lackey

      Hi Dave, this is a great question. It’s an area I haven’t explored nearly enough. This Tarion Flip Pod is certainly not what I would consider a solid tripod. I like it but it’s just for setting up a time lapse or a static shot in an area with no wind. It weighs nothing though, so it has its usefulness. For a proper video fluid head, I would probably spend way too much money, because of my background with my larger traditional cameras. A good fluid head is a joy to use, and can outlast just about every other bit of kit you own. So I’m drawn to something like the Miller Air Solo with carbon legs –

      It’s an investment though, and might not qualify as exactly travel sized but it’s a proper fluid head, not a friction head (which are often marketed as a fluid head), so it will be smooth as silk, and solid on any surface. It’ll hold up to some wind too.

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