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How to use Dehancer Pro with FiLMiC LogV3 iPhone Video

Learn how to use the Dehancer Pro OFX plugin in DaVinci Resolve with your FiLMiC LogV3 iPhone video for beautiful and accurate motion picture film emulation.

Obsessive is a word that accurately describes my quest for ever better film emulation for highly compromised digital video sources, such as that captured with smartphones. In the beginning I made use of manual color correction, manual creation of looks, various clean up techniques, and free film grain overlays. This was partly because there just weren’t that many dedicated film emulation post production tools available, and partly because I couldn’t afford to buy plugins. I also wanted to keep my experiments as open source as possible, so that others could easily and cheaply replicate my results.

FiLMiC Pro has been my cornerstone camera app since the very beginning, and DaVinci Resolve has been the bedrock of my post production workflow. Both of these tools are still at the core of my iPhone video experiments.

What has changed is the development of ever more sophisticated, physics based, machine learning powered film emulation tools capable of a pixel by pixel recreation of the entire photochemical imaging process. This is exactly the promise of Dehancer Pro’s comprehensive toolset.

A video frame captured in 10-bit FiLMiC LogV3 with FiLMiC Pro using the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Kodak 50D and Kodak 2383 Print emulation using Dehancer Pro in DaVinci Resolve.

Take Your Film Emulation to the Next Level with Dehancer Pro

Dehancer Pro is not your average bundle of camera source input transforms and film look LUTs with some film grain thrown over the top. That is not to say this approach (with some careful massaging) cannot take you 80% (maybe more) of the way to achieving a perfectly respectable film look for a lot of purposes. It just can’t take you the extra distance that CMY subtractive color correction, comprehensive print emulation, physics based procedural grain, halation and bloom can.

There are ways to use some of the tools available in Resolve (and Fusion) to approximate some of these things, but after you use a toolset like Dehancer Pro, you won’t even want to think about manually creating these nuanced and often subliminal aspects of the opto-mechanical, photo-chemical, interdependent mix of variables that make film look like film.

In this tutorial video I have screen recorded an explanation of how to use the Dehancer Pro OFX plugin in DaVinci Resolve with 10-bit FiLMiC LogV3 source video I shot using the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

A quick note on the people behind Dehancer:

  • Pavel Kosenko, Dehancer’s Co-Founder, high-regarded colorist, and photographer
    with 40 years of experience in analog photography, who came up with product
    vision and business strategy for Dehancer.

  • Denis Svinarchuk, Dehancer’s Co-Founder, CTO and Evangelist, a well-known expert in High-load systems and computer data scientist who came up with the all engineering and algorithmic part of Dehancer’s product line.

If you would like to try out Dehancer Pro for yourself, you can download a trial here.

If you’d like to buy Dehancer Pro, get a 10% discount by using my promo code: RICHLACKEY during checkout. 

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