How to Use the Richard Lackey FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Nitrate

Learn how to use the Richard Lackey FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Nitrate to achieve an easy and beautiful film look on your iPhone videos.

My FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Nitrate is designed to transform a FiLMiC LOGv2 encoded source image into an approximation of the levels and color values that would be expected of an ARRI LogC encoded image, specifically for use with the FilmConvert Nitrate plugin using the ARRI Alexa LogC camera profile.

IMPORTANT! This LUT is free, but it requires FilmConvert Nitrate, which is not free. However, you can use my affiliate link for a 10% discount. This discount stacks with any other discounts FilmConvert may be offering.

I do not claim it is perfect, nor do I claim that it will magically turn your iPhone into an ARRI Alexa. Further selective tweaks to skin tones or other adjustments may be necessary as required.

When used with well exposed (and exposure locked), daylight color balanced iPhone video captured with FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 at maximum bitrate (FiLMiC Extreme), this easy to use post workflow should give you great looking film like color and tonality with minimal effort.

I have developed this workflow in DaVinci Resolve, and this is what I present here, however I believe it should work in any NLE for which FilmConvert make a plugin.

Ungraded vs Graded vs Film Scan

Use the slider below to compare the original FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 source with the result using the Richard Lackey FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Nitrate, and the FilmConvert Nitrate plugin with the ARRI LogC camera input profile and Kodak 5207 film emulation.

FiLMiC LOGv2 Richard Lackey LUT + FilmConvert
A Kodak ColorPlus 200 film scan from negative

Above is an example of a Kodak Colorplus 200 film scan from negative. While the emulation in the comparison is Kodak 5207 (Vision 3 250D motion picture film plus print emulation), you can see the similarity in overall tonality and color.

FiLMiC LOGv2 Richard Lackey LUT + FilmConvert

Download the LUT

Purchase FilmConvert Nitrate (10% Discount Code)


This color workflow as demonstrated in the below tutorial video in DaVinci Resolve has the following requirements.

Richard Lackey FiLMiC Pro LOGv2 LUT for FilmConvert Tutorial

This tutorial is a step by step guide to using my LUT in DaVinci Resolve.

If you have any questions about my transform LUT, or how to use it, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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